Healthcare Pricing for the Consumer Experience

PokitDok is leading the way in today's evolving landscape toward consumer-driven healthcare transactions. Compare cash, insurance and medicare pricing by procedure across different zip codes in this preview showing the Seattle metro area. View a subset of available price procedures, including MRI, allergy testing, physical therapy, cardiac stress test and a colonoscopy. Through, developers can currently access prices for over 50 of the most commonly shopped for healthcare procedures across the United States.

Introducing PokitDok's Healthcare Procedure Price Index in 25 Metro Areas

For the first time ever, PokitDok has provided access to its proprietary index of pricing information for the 50 most commonly shopped-for healthcare procedures, including cash-based, self-pay prices for primary care and surgical specialties in 25 markets across the nation. From a wart removal in Los Angeles, to shoulder surgery in Bellevue, Washington, the PokitDok Healthcare Procedure Price Index makes current market rates available for developers, enterprises, and consumers. The contracted rate set between insurers and providers is often different from the cash price quoted for those who are willing to pay out of their own pocket. Access to PokitDok Platform will allow developers to create programs that compare average same-day cash, reimbursed medicare/insurance, or both across a network of 4 million providers. Consumers will then be able to find the best deals for non-acute, planned treatments - from acupuncture to knee surgery.